About us

Paperboat was founded in 2018 by Emma Milne White and Murray Kenneth - two book group friends with a shared passion for bringing groups of like-minded people together to have fun with words.  We run occasional workshops on a not-for-profit basis as a means to indulge our own writing aspirations.  Our first event, "How Stories Find Us" with Jeremy Gavron, was a sell-out and achieved 100% positive reviews from the writers who took part.

Connecting renowned authors with new writers...

As a bookshop owner, I'm always amazed at how willing authors are to share their writing techniques and tips.  Paperboat gives me a great opportunity to connect aspiring writers with published authors for inspiring workshops in some great locations.  Come & join us!

Emma Milne White  ✒︎  Bookseller & Paperboat Founder

I just love putting pen to paper...

In a hectic world of soundbites and instant messaging, it's such a relief to slow things down, think more deeply about something, and try to articulate it with words instead of emojis!  Whatever the end product, it's the writing process that counts.  If you're not already a convert, why not join the Paperboat crew and embark on a new creative writing adventure!

Murray Kenneth  ✒︎  Business Owner & Paperboat Founder

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