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Do you love writing? Would you like to put some wind in your creative sails?  

If you’re ready to re-energise your writing with a splash of fresh inspiration (and a lot of fun along the way) why not embark on a Paperboat mini-adventure with a small group of like-minded writers.  Find out more by joining our invitation list below.

New event!

How Stories Find Us

with Jeremy Gavron

Bath, 30th June 2018

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Emma Milne White

Paperboat Founder

Most writing events are billed as retreats.  Although we appreciate some peace and quiet for getting some words down, our events are aimed squarely at moving your writing forward!  So, expect high-calibre tutors, inspiring locations, surprising prompts, and hopefully lots of fun too.

Forthcoming Events

Here are some of the exciting events that we have in the pipeline...

  • Canal Dreams - a long weekend mooching around Amsterdam's best writing cafés with some Dutch-style workshops and a literary surprise or two.
  • Performance Poetry - a one-day confidence-boosting spoken word session, teaching you the tips and tricks to make your verse fly off the page.
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    Brideshead Bash - spend two days and a night with us in a big old house steeped in atmosphere. Expect to eat well, dress for dinner, enjoy some theatre, walk in the woods - and even find time for writing.
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    Flash Frenzy - leave your dirty old mac at home and spend a rip-roaring day honing your flash fiction skills with an award-winning flash fiction author.
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    And more!  We have a ton of ideas up our very voluminous sleeves and there's only one way to find out about them - just join our VIP waiting list above.

Shhhh! Don't tell everyone but this looks like a lot of fun! #creativewriting #literature


P.S. Paperboat welcomes writers of all levels: from published to aspiring, and everyone in between. 

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